Cows and Bears in Paris (Oh, My!)

We logged 21 miles this weekend chasing teddy bears and livestock. Isn’t that why people go to Paris?

The Husband and I come from a long line of cow people. Namely, I once lived by a cow pasture and his family had a “cow-calf” operation. No. I cannot explain what that means. Also, the Mayor of our hometown recently Tweeted that he was able to finally do away with those pesky cow-tippingT-shirts being sold at the Oklahoma City airport. No. I cannot explain what cow-tipping means. 

OKC has finally sold-out of cow-tipping t-shirts

Obvi livestock is in our blood, so we went to the Parc Buttes-Chaumont to witness a parade of cattle, sheep and goats in a semi-stampede. No amount of tort reform in the States would ever allow this kind of wickedly dangerous fun. I LOVED watching the children being terrified. I’m going to be the best grandma.

I was intent on finding Teddy Bears in Paris. Because (from @nicryjust):

Wouldn’t this be fun to find randomly in Paris?

But we only found this one poor sad Teddy Bear whose sign says he needs a hug. My arduous (i.e. Google) research revealed the rest have gone south for winter and will return this spring.

Sweet bear just needs a hug

We went to the ballet last night at the Palais Garnier and sat in the cheapest seats available (10 Euro). Look at our throne!

Also, y’all, Girl got herself invited to some runway shows for Fashion Week!  I will have a post all about it after February 27. 

My fashion week invitation

Please email, message me, or reach me any way you can if you have questions I might answer about your upcoming Paris vacation. I’m no expert but I keep good notes. 

À bientôt!


  1. Congrats on the invite! And… you don’t know what cow tipping is? Didn’t you ever see the Disney film CARS? There’s a cow tipping scene in it. I understand it is a prank teens do to cows at night, tipping them over when they are asleep, if that’s even possible.

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      1. I love the idea a semi-stampede through town. You are right about that not flying here. I guess that’s why they put Pamplona in Spain and not Texas.
        And I love the ballet throne! You weren’t able to sneak it out in your purse that evening, we’re you?

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      2. I’m almost certain it isn’t true, though the folks I knew said it was possible. Feinting goats are hysterical to see as they fall over and then pop up. I think they do it all the time. It’s in their nature. LOL Oh God’s creatures are so entertaining.

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  2. You’ll love it where we are staying at the moment as it is a dairy and sheep farm, with horses in the adjacent field and geese across the road: this is rural West Sussex in southern England, my home for the last 20 years.
    You might also enjoy the Abrivado they do in southern France, when the Camargue Guardians run after the bulls and try to stop them by holding them by the horns and tails, with riders on horses trying to flank them: very exciting, but I can’t help thinking the bulls must feel very scared.

    I love that teddy and would most definitely give him a hug. Nice to see you having fun.

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    1. Oh, yes. That sounds just wonderful. I know what you mean about the bulls being scared. I deleted one pic I took with a close up of the most fearful look on a poor bull’s face. Made me want to cry.

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  3. Loved the pictures and your wonderful wit. Hubby and I once took a bicycle trip in Germany. We stopped at a little guesthouse in the country where the owners parked our bicycles in the pig barn. The bikes smelled of pig and sausage for the rest of the trip. What a wonderful life! No matter how “sophisticated” we become, we are never far from our down-to-earth roots.

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    1. I say it often, “You can take the girl out of Oklahoma but you can’t take the Oklahoma out of the girl”. Those bikes smelling like pig poo is the stuff life is made of. Hugs!


  4. I love the idea a semi-stampede through town. You are right about that not flying here. I guess that’s why they put Pamplona in Spain and not Texas.
    And I love the ballet throne! You weren’t able to sneak it out in your purse that evening, we’re you?

    Yes if this sounds familiar I wrote it twice. Not sure what happened but I’m writing on a real (!) small screen. My apologies.

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    1. Thank you for the follow. Yes, the 10 Euro seats are the best. Sometimes you have a partial view (like that night when the dancers were stage right) but we don’t mind. The building itself is art Glad to follow you back and enjoy your blog as well.

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      1. Thanks for the follow back – and Paris is on the list for next year (or spring 2021 if next year doesn’t happen) and so I will likely take you up on your offer for a few tips on visiting –
        In the meantime I am glad to connect and I actually think I need to read some back posts – to get more of Paris thru your lens –
        It has been nice this week because I have seen so much nature photography (landscapes, flowers, birds) and whew – a little raw Paris was nice

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      2. My posts are generally about Paris but when I’m not here I write about life. Last time we were here was April 2017 if that helps. Thanks again and I’m here with tips when you’re ready.

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    1. I found one more sad Teddy. I think their tribe left their elders in Paris to die like in the old days. Girl, fanny packs are back if that helps at all?


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