Paris Meets Piermans. Game On.

I’m in the Paris vortex where time stands still and yet slips by. This happens to me every time I’m here. I just can’t express how happy I am in Paris. So I’ve got a lot of blogging to to and little time to do it (see Vortex comment above).

I did go to several fashion shows during Paris fashion week. I will do a separate blog on that later. It was really a dream come true and I can’t wait to put that post together.

The Sisters arrived two days ago. They have their list of 20 Must See Things to Do in Paris and have created their own vortex. Vortices? Dorothy is very kinetic. She wants to touch everything. And Judy is very visual. She wants to see everything. It is magic to be with them and with Marsha, who has been here with us twice before. Marsha, were she a nation, would be Switzerland. She’s neutral on all causes, quiet but powerful and, oh, so beautiful.

One the first day—you know the day where you are supposed to be jet lagged?—the three of them drug me and The Husband all over town. I still don’t know where they found that energy.

The next day we shopped with Stephane, a professional shopping guide, and she took us to the best vintage shops in the Marais. We all purchased amazing clothes, purses, scarves, etc. Please let me know if you’d like Stephane’s contact information. She was gold.

The first Saturday of the month is Free Museum Night so we went to the Louvre only to find the line snaking for what would be hours of wait. Dorothy and I went to talk to the gatekeeper. Here’s what went down:

What I thought I said: Excuse me kind sir, if I wait in line until midnight will I still get in?

What I actually said: Fwa fwa fwa vous vous fwa fwa. Champagne. Fwa.

What He Said: Just go inside, I don’t understand you.

Thus Dorothy and I were IN while the others were looking like they would be OUT until 2am (3 at the latest). But by the miracle of the Paris vortex, they jumped the line in their own way and we were off to see the Mona Lisa. Check.

We all got in to Free Museum Saturday!

I will try to blog but listen up: Fwa fwa fwa vous vous. It’s very busy in the vortex.


  1. Another entertaining blog post from you, Alison. I love your conversation with the gatekeeper at the Louvre! Y’all just keep confusing the gatekeepers of Paris and having a great time together.

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