I’ll Take That Seat Now, Monsieur

She was dressed in a black dress and black ballet flats and was carrying blush colored fashion brand pumps. But she was old and so he did what gallant Frenchmen do, he gestured to give his seat to the elderly woman. “Voila.” He says to her and when she doesn’t respond, he says it again but this time with much more French emphasis, “Vwaaaah-la!” Bloody hell he’s talking to me?

No wonder Anna Wintour wears dark glasses.

Speaking of The Devil, I thought Ann Hathaway’s character in The Devil Wears Prada was not at all believable for walking away from the fashion world. If it was me, I imagined, I would have gobbled up all those posh clothes and told Emily to suck an egg. The job is mine, MINE I SAY!

It’s more than a stretch—it’s a chasm—to suggest that what I’ve been doing here in Paris is akin to that movie. (I’ve been attending small shows of emerging designers and there are no celebrities sitting next to me). But I love meeting these emerging designers. They are people who have traded paid jobs to pursue their art. They don’t seem to love or even like the limelight.

This is Crystal Lee. She was an adorable designer and I am writing a follow up story about her

But then there’s everyone else and even with the right clothes I don’t fit in because I am here to listen to the designers tell their stories through their clothing. I look around at all the Kims and Kylies, their eyes trained on their phones either on social media or taking selfies and I think, these are not my people I do not enjoy fashion shows.

The professional photographers (the amateurs sat next to me all day)

The 6 o’clock shows didn’t start till 7. After several hours of 20-somethings holding their phones in front of my view to get a better angle I was exhausted. So just like Ann Hathaway’s character on The Devil Wears Prada, I’m walking away. I get to pack sensible shoes and bring my wonderful man with me next trip because I’m hanging up my fashion “career”. And thank you kind sir, I’ll take that seat now.

The designer was Mirit Rodrig. Exceptional pieces. I expect her to make it big.

This was after I decided fashion shows were not for me but I slowed, then stopped, then took the picture and thought…well, maybe I’d do it again


  1. Looking at these pics, I just kept thinking how deformed the models’ feet are going to be after being crammed into those pointy-spike heels and how they’re all going to have osteoporosis because they’re starved and have no meat on their bones. I guess that tells you how old I am! LOL! But… I love that red gown, so I might go back, too. Great blog post, Alison.. Entertaining as always.

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    1. I am happy to say that several models in these shows had meat on their bones and at least one designer had her models all wear flat sandals so they are catching a break in the industry in some places. Thanks for always giving me great feedback.


  2. What fun! I thought the models looked “meatier” than in the past, which is pretty neat. I always wore those heels when I was young, but no more. It never hurt my posture nor have I suffered with osteoporosis… yet. Eating right and working out helps. It would be so much fun to pal around with you! Who did you go with this time? Didn’t you go with your sisters last time?

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    1. I’m going to call you an honorary sister since we are kindred spirits. I am alone this trip which I thought as an introvert I would love but I do miss having someone with me to share the memories. Yes, the models are still mostly quite tall but are coming in more varied shapes these days which is nice. I feel very squatty after being around all these tall people this week.


    1. I am in love with the weather and even though I’m a tourist, there are fewer of “my kind” here. I might have to trade my February trips for the fall from now on. With everything you’ve done in your lifetime you must be 110? I wish we could have coffee someday as I think your life is fascinating.


  3. A few weeks ago, a forty-something woman offered me her seat on the streetcar. A few days later, I visited a kindergarten and one of the kids asked ‘Who is that old lady?’ I’m just saying there are worse things than ‘Voila’ from a man who could reasonably have been trying to charm you. I don’t think you are Anne Hathaway. Something tells me you aren’t done with fashion. And budding designers are cooler than established ones who have to spend half or more of their time in the pursuit of maintaining.

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    1. The Voila man was being kind. It’s just always a shocker when your self identity (me: hip young thang) and someone else’s perception of you (him: old lady with a runner in her tights needs my seat) clash. I’m learning to embrace old me.


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