My Eye and I Are Parisian Pariahs

I woke up this morning looking like I’d been in a bar fight. My right eye is bloodied and black. I Dr Googled it and it said it could be nothing or it could be cancer. We Piermans are all constantly diagnosing ourselves with fatal diseases. When Judy said she has Parkinson’s Rebekah had to ask, “Now is this a doctor’s diagnosis of Parkinson’s or a Pierman’s? Doesn’t matter of course—both are grave.

So I don’t know if I have cancer of the eye but I do know that shopkeepers are scared of bloody-eyed Americans.

I tried to shop for my sister Judy today. She’s got a need for a bed pillow that must exist in Paris because it doesn’t exist in Oklahoma where she’s shopped every inch. Normally you enter a shop here and they say, “Madame. BonJOUR” (singing it a little). But not when ol’ bloody-eyes Chucky is in the house.

Photo not mine. But you knew that.

So I spent the day hiding my face like the Elephant Man and taking photos of this magical place. Allow me to take you along:

Saw this fashion icon today. There’s not a minute when you say, “Are you SURE it was her?” (Photo not mine)
They’ve added a skate park essentially on a busy street. That’s all I’ve got to say. I think you know how I feel.
I love how french girls tuck into each other’s arms when walking. It’s such an intimate thing to do and so lovely.
Happy Hours. It’s always plural and genius. Because one hour of happy is lame.
I don’t know. It’s just a little French vignette happening quite serendipitously.
That face says OUCH. And that handhold says love.

Boho chic is where it’s at. Or is it hobo chic? I’m so confused.
These guys are practicing their boho chic looks
Someone said the Paris Rooftops have applied for world UNESCO status. I’m alright with that.
Is that RBG at a fashion show? (No).
He’s wearing blue socks and carrying a blue briefcase. His cheeks are pulsing. He’s scared. He gets of the train and then last minute jumps back on five cars down the track
I wish my boo was with me this trip. I miss him.

The reason I don’t get any Madame bonjours today


  1. I am just across the street from the Sentier metro station so very near your old haunt. I will have to check it out (I don’t know what “it” is but I’m game). The eye. It’s worse today. I wish I could blame it on late nights but I’m in bed by 9.


  2. Ditto. I’ve had worse. I don’t know what causes them, though I suspect, two things- 1) elevated blood pressure, 2) sinus pressure, okay three things… 3) too much alcohol. Probably one of the first two. Eyedrops may help.
    I agree on the photos and captions. I do love the way you caption your photos.

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    1. I usually have low blood pressure but maybe my fashion show woes caused it to rise. The other two don’t apply. Thanks for letting me know the captions resonate. WordPress makes it so hard to upload photo galleries on mobile apps that I just have to load them one at a time now so the captions are kinda new to me.

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    1. I will check out the link, thanks. I just write for a creative outlet with no targeted audience in mind. So thank you for taking the time to read and comment.


      1. Her photos are spectacular. I looked at her profile but nope. She doesn’t say she’s a professional photographer but she could be.


  3. Great post. Don’t know why I missed it. Like the people photos. The arms tucked. Very common. French touch each other a lot. Maybe not as much as Italians, but still.
    How’s your eye? I hope you went to a doctor? (Not Google)
    see this one:

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  4. Hopefully your eye’s okay by now. It’s a burst blood vessel (and apparently most often occurs when waking so gawd knows what our eyes do when we’re not using them – boogie?) Mine did the say a couple of months ago. It cleared up within 2 – 3 weeks. No pain but what a sight!

    Talking of sights… that guy on the train… it wasn’t his socks or briefcase I noticed but his leggings… wtf?!

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    1. I’m hoping the guy in the train was playing some sort of murder mystery game or something, else he was up to something nefarious. I coincidentally had an eye doctor’s appointment when I got back and he confirmed it was a blood vessel but didn’t understand why it started at the back of my eye so I’m supposed to be watchful of recurrence. Nice to hear from you!

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