Here’s to the Humor-Seekers, the Hypochondriacs and the Hoarders

Apparently, I laugh in the face of adversity.

Most of my family laughs at funerals. We certainly don’t mean to. It’s a nervous response and like trying to suppress a hiccup, the harder you try, the worse it gets.

We laugh during church services, too, possibly making us the only Jehovah’s Witnesses kids in the late 60s laughing while the rest of the congregation was gearing up for the end of the world. We took up two whole rows which meant Mom couldn’t be everywhere all the time and we could smell her fear. Once, Dorothy was sitting on her feet with her winter coat zipped, arms and legs tucked in (being a turtle we later learned at the trial) when someone from behind tapped her on the shoulder and she tumbled head first to the floor and balanced there, on reflection looking very turtle-like. Joan, in the back row, got the one-handed-mom-slap from the front row though it was Trish that toppled the turtle. Of course we couldn’t stop laughing.

So, yes, I have been sharing funny memes about COVID-19 and someone on social media said it is inappropriate given the seriousness the occasion. But, I’m not a terrible person. I promise not to hog masks and gloves and hand sanitizer but instead rely on Mom and Google to diagnose and treat what ails me. Google searches today before noon included: Why did my thumbnail fall off? What to do if your dog bites your finger? Why does my pee smell like Honey Nut Cheerios?

The person on Facebook who told us to stop sharing “funny memes” is the same person who’s panicked because she can’t find toilet paper. I can assure you that I’m not hoarding toilet paper right now. To wit (a conversation I had with The Husband today):

Me: I’m going to start using a hand towel to wipe when I pee and save the toilet paper for the real goods.
Husband: What is wrong with you?
With his attitude and no clear answer from Google on the Honey Nut Cheerios question I’m tabling that one for now.

Anyway, I’m just asking: Please, could we just permit each other the room to cope however necessary? Place no blame and make no judgement. Here’s to the humor-seekers, the hypochondriacs and the hoarders. Here’s to being human.

That’s me. Straight up Alice.


  1. Once again – we share an experience, except that in my case, it was only five kids giggling out of control in a church pew and a mother who does not scare easily. We sat in the balcony seats, trying to escape the notice of the reverend with the booming voice and a propensity to call out those in attendance who did not attend regularly. We made origami cranes out of the church bulletins. Then we sent them sailing.
    As for the rest of your post – I’ll just say “Thank god for gallows humor!”
    So good to see you in my Reader, friend.

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    1. I wonder why our moms didn’t sign up with the Baptists where they had Sunday School for children and “big church” for adults? I’m very impressed with your origami prowess. We drew pics of other Congregationalists in not very friendly light as a “Guess Who” game. Followed by howls of laughter. Good times.


  2. I am all over the funny memes. Don’t know if you’ve seen this one that goes like this?

    Note to Self: The neighbors are not amused when you dress in your Renaissance Faire costume, grab your wheelbarrow and walk around the block at 7am shouting “Bring out yer dead.”

    I know I am sick, but I laughed so hard I had to use one of the lone socks in the drawer.

    Thanks for the laugh, Alison.

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      1. Not too bad apart from what’s happening in the world… had a bad infection a few weeks ago, but mostly recovered now. Got to laugh or else I just plummet into depression. x

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  3. I see nothing wrong with finding humor in real situations. I’m backing you on the paper towel vs. toilet paper. I’m a realist. I find myself also enjoying every morsel of food i eat. No matter what it is. Manna? I’m all over it. I won’t fight you for it though.

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  4. Keep laughing! Cracking my mother up in church is one of my fondest memories. And saying something funny to lighten up the mood at funerals is dear to me, too…it’s one of the best ways I know to honour family memories. Yours sure sounds like a hoot!

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    1. Well, we sometimes laugh when we shouldn’t and then we just put our faces in our hands and appear to be sobbing. It’s a bit much. Life without my amazing family would be nothing. Always good to hear from you. How are you holdup in France?

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  5. I’m with you, Alison. I’m all of the above, no room to judge anyone. That said, here are two of my favorite COVID jokes.

    Due to the current shortage of disinfectant, dirty deeds will no longer be done dirt cheap.

    If you get an email with the subject line “DING DONG,” don’t answer it. It’s most likely a Jehovah’s Witness working from home.

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  6. I couldn’t agree more! I also deal with stress via humor, and see nothing wrong with that. But what bothers me is how quick others are to judge….we all get to respond to this situation (emotionally, we have to follow the government orders, obviously) in our own way, and no one has the right to tell us we’re wrong. I’ve learned not to try to calm down people who are intent on unrelenting panic, because they don’t want anyone to calm them down, they want to panic. That’s how they cope. But it’s now how I cope, and I don’t appreciate anyone telling me I’m not taking this seriously enough just because I don’t live in a constant state of panic and fear. Great post, thanks!!

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    1. Just what I was trying to say. I’ve unfollowed so many friends right now on social media because I need to filter the “food” my brain is receiving. I want to be surrounded by funny people and calm people as well as very rational people. And I’m not judging the others I just can’t let them in my bubble right now. Nice to hear from you!

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  7. What would become of our quarantine (Chile) and curfew at night if we do not resort to humor? The boredom and anxiety of being locked up is cured with a little laughter. For example, your writing turned out to be the most fun and since I read it three times, I enjoyed it greatly.
    Thanks for your contribution.
    a big hug

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