Dream Analysis: Virus Version

To my extroverted friends who can talk about their feelings during this pandemic, my hat is off to you. For the introverts like myself and my son, we have no choice but to work things out in our dreams. This from my son this week:

I’ve blabbed endlessly in prior blog posts about my crippling insomnia. It comes and goes but mostly it comes. Lately though, I’ve been dreaming. I think it’s God’s way of saying, “I will let you sleep so you don’t kill your self because, frankly, there’s a petition going around to keep you out of Heaven”.

I woke the other morning asking The Husband, “What are the rest of the words to that Crystal Pig song?” He’s learned to not immediately call me out as mad so instead handled me like I rode the little bus, “Can you hum a few notes?” It took some wrangling but we finally realized the song was Cisco Kid by Willie Nelson. But doesn’t the mind boggle? Why did I dream about Cisco Kid song in the first place?

No gatherings, no gym, no bars…wait, no, that can’t be it. My life in quarantine looks oddly the same as it always has. Some say boring.

This week’s dream had The Husband trying to tape up a fart. It was coming out of an air vent and you could actually see it’s shape so he was trying to tape it to contain it. In the dream it seemed very much like a plausible idea, in my wakened state I had to go with, “What the actual f**k?”

Listen, I’m no Freud but the fart dream isn’t hard to figure. The fart, the real fart, can’t be seen but can be devastating. It represents COVID-19. The attempt to tape it is farcical but humans have to feel like they’re doing something to stave this off. The tape is us washing our veggies with soap and making face masks from old socks and pipe cleaner (just me?)

My son’s dream about Warren Buffet: Can love sustain us if our economy is derailed and everyone’s life savings (except Warnie, my love) is wiped out?

Crystal Pig? I’m no Freud.

Stay well friends and share with me your mad COVID-19 dreams.


  1. Oh my! I’ve been dreaming wild and bizarre things too! The craziest was last night my husband and I had a child, me at 73! And, it was a beautiful child. We have no children from our marriage, so it was like a gift to my hubby, I guess? But, who wants to be worried about a small child right now?

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    1. If I was something better than an armchair Freud I would try to help you with that. How’s this: I once had a college communications professor talk about the “spiritual child” that is born between two people. Basically it’s a relationship but to think of it as a child means to pay attention to it and to nourish it? Maybe in these stressful times (especially you with your sister’s health issues) your remembering your spiritual child. No? OK. I got nothing.

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      1. lol No, but you’re on the right track, I think. It could be a combination of both? It comes in the wake of us losing our kitty (an 18 year old child) so we are all we have at the moment. My kids are in various states, so we can’t be together and … my sister not doing well… it could be anything. lol BUT, I do think dreams are a subconscious relay of hidden truths.

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  2. Sorry to disappoint, but I haven’t remembered my dreams in years. They like to stay hidden in my sub-conscious mind, which is very roomy, since I keep spilling all of its contents out onto my keyboard. I’m kind of like that penguin at the top of your post, and not in name only. As for your second dream – seems like duct tape is useful in every type of crisis – weren’t people hoarding it before Y2K?

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    1. Ah, see? I didn’t mention duct tape. It was actually postage tape in the dream which, upon hearing, my sister said, “Rookie mistake. Everyone knows you tape a fart with duct tape”. Anyway, very heady stuff I’m dealing with here. No chance I’m in some kind of avoidance is there?

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  3. That’s quite astute, Alison, figuring out the analogy of farts and COVID-19 in your dream. Let me assure you, if there was a way to contain farts with duck tape, my father would have figured it out. He was the master of both. Like 227, I don’t have (or remember) my dreams very often. Nothing to report since self-isolating began a month ago. 😦

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  4. LOL. Last night I dreamed I ran into Joe Biden’s bumper and while we waited for help, he said something that didn’t make any sense. Suddenly my brother and sister-in-law showed up and complained that whenever they visited my sister, she never gave them anything to eat at breakfast but a tiny bit of granola. My sister-in-law went out and returned with a coffee pushcart like you see in the street.

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  5. Taped-up farts, huh? Are you sure it’s the virus not the politicians? 😉
    I dream but don’t remember them anymore, or very rarely. I used to remember them all – I had a nearly photographic memory. Bloody nuisance the speed at which they vanish now.

    Are you still have sleep problems? I’m trying some CBD oil – and it’s helping immensely. Email me if you want to know any more. x

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    1. I know. Even for me this is bizarre. The virus might well be the politicians. I have tried CBD and it frankly makes me a little psychotic. I have fewer problems and more seldom but, yes, I suppose I shall always have problems. How are you, dear? Staying tucked in?

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      1. Yes, I’m okay and staying indoors, thanks. Sorry CBD has a bad effect on you – maybe you tried one that had a bit of THC in it? You can get it without any. You be well, okay? x

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  6. I also have crazy dreams, and now more than ever. Whenever I tell even a tiny bit of one to husband, he looks at me like a demented person and shakes his head. He never dreams, so he claims. Ah, the sleep of the innocent!

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    1. So many people say they don’t dream or don’t rent their dreams. I look forward to remembering my dreams. They are like movies. Some works ridiculous plots of course. My husband reacts the same way.

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  7. Thanks for sharing your crazy dreams, Alison. It’s good to know I’m not the only one! The other night I dreamt I got tattoos all over my neck. Not just a tattoo here and there. No! This was solid wall-to-wall tattooing. Anyone who knows me knows the wildest thing I’ve ever done was getting my ears pierced on my 30th birthday and I would never in a kabillion years get a tattoo. The next night I dreamt that some of my high school classmates and I formed a marching band. Keep in mind that we’re 67 years old. Many of us have replacement joints and I currently have a broken leg. In my dream we were marching in a parade at night and, although I played the flute in high school, in my dream I was a lettergirl. Trust me, I was never lettergirl material!

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