Shingles All the Way

On Christmas Eve, The Husband and I played a game of Scrabble. This is only interesting when you know we used to Scrabble every Christmas but the past two years have left us solemn and the Scrabble board stayed in the cupboard. When we filled up all four corners of our Scrabble board AND used all our tiles this year, I thought my writer’s block of 2020-2021 could be cured and I made myself a promise that I would blog more frequently in the new year.

I had stopped writing because the words wouldn’t come. I would start and then end up writing something like fffffffuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkk! Then I would hear The Husband’s voice in my head, “Come on, Ali. You’re smarter than that. Use your words!” And I would put away my writing again. And wait. For the words.

Twenty four hours after I had made my pledge to blog more often, I had a golf ball pinched between my shoulder blade and the seat cushion trying to massage away “this weird pain”. The next day I tried to walk the dog while crying to The Husband that “this is the worst pain I’ve ever felt”. By Wednesday I was begging to be slaughtered.

Thursday I could only mouth, “Mommy”.

It was New Year’s weekend during the world’s worst pandemic so going to the doctor was not an option. I stumbled through the days intaking 5mg hydrocodone pills from a 2016 surgery, rationing them like a butt on a duck at Donner Pass. When the rash on my back appeared on Friday, I was able to confirm my own diagnosis of shingles. That same day Betty White died.


Apologies to all of those whose ears and eyes this hurts. The Husband is reading this and….3, 2, 1,…he is saying, “Use your words!” I will tell him now as I’ve told him a thousand times before, (in my Okie vernacular for emphasis),“These IS My Words!”

If you’ll indulge me for using My Words when more eloquent words won’t come, I will promise to blog more regularly. Here’s to a clean slate and a new and better year for us all. And to my dear pal, K, who passed away in December, I will miss you… beyond words.

This is the page my mom’s medical book turns to when you open it. Ghastly.

Below photos were taken in December, before shingles sucked the life out of me

New granddaughter was born!
Together with friends and virus free on Christmas Day
Dear friends
Me (Minus Braces!) and The Husband


  1. Shingles do hurt reaaaaaally bad Thankfully I only had the pain on my upper lip Yours is on the nerve that hurts the most Hope you are over it now

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  2. “These IS my words.” I love your okie vernacular. I’ve never had shingles, but I’ve heard it’s very painful, so I can understand your use of the “F” word. It’s a good word anyway, for expressing something strongly and emphatically. I hope you get over the shingles soon.

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    1. I was with the hubs when he read my post and he did EXACTLY what I said he would do. Couldn’t have scripted it better. Like my friend in above comments says, “crap is just not strong a enough word”. Be well and thanks for the comment. So good to hear from you!

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  3. Oh crap is not string enough for shingles. Fuuuuuccccckkkkk is the only thing that will work. Feel better soon. You may want to think about the shingles shot. I had one years ago. A friend had shingles last year and has since received her shot. She had to wait about 6 months after the shingles disappeared beforehand but so far so good.

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  4. Oh, bless your shingled bod. I’ve been there (on completing downsize) & confirm it is the worst of the pits. At least it came on in 2021, meaning 2022 will DEFINITELY be better. Happy more blogging, Happy New Year!

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    1. Yes, Fran! You are a half full glass gal and I love it. I’d say 2022 can’t be worse but I did that last year and I think we all know how that turned out. Hugs and happy new year!


  5. Love your words — hate your pain! Shingles are the worst — haven’t had but know others who have. Hang in there — certain gummy bears may also help!

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  6. Happy New Year and best wishes for less shingles! Please excuse my tardiness to the celebration.
    I’d love to read whatever you offer in whatever words you choose. I hope they can be chosen less painfully very soon.

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      1. Yes! I was proud of that one. I live that you observed my board. My kids won’t play with me anymore because I only care about the words and not the points.

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  7. Holy smokes, now I have something new to worry about! Shingles? WTF? It’s viral, right? Hope that whatever brought it on is on its way to another planet in a far away galaxy. Looking forward to reading more of your funny words in 2022!

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    1. I’m the 1 in 10 who got the vaccine yet still got the virus. Caused by the virus you still have in your system from having chicken pox. It’s intensely agonizing but I’m getting better more quickly thanks to the vaccine. Good to hear from you, always!

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  8. I haven’t written much either because I noticed how negative I was being. I will try to do better. I see you’re fond of my favorite word as well.
    And…. I hate it when my hubby says “Use your words!” Nothing sticks in my craw more than that phrase.

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  9. So great to hear from you / read you. One of my aunts had shingles a few years ago and she said she was in so much pain. Me too I haven’t been blogging for quite some time. I’ve started studying nutritional therapy which takes up a lot of my time; but I hope to start again. Look forward to reading more of your posts… Take care

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