I Love Paris in the Rain

I hoped it would rain, and it did in fact rain. It rained buckets this morning while we were still waking up and I was quite happy about that.  First of all the French word for rain is “pleut”. Come on!  It is perfect anamontapea (Bucket list: Use anamontapea in a sentence, check). Also, I have worn my other shoes so much and done so much walking that none of them are comfortable anymore. But, voilà. My rainboots are back by special demand.  They are worse, oh, so much worse than Uggs but I love them so.  And, too, Paris is pretty when it rains.  People clear off the sidewalks and the streets take on the reflective quality of the rain.  Anyway, I like it when the weather takes a stand one way or the other.

Joan, Barb and Marsha (I shall henceforth call them, Jarsha) arrived around noon today in a light misty rain.  After heaving their suitcases up all 77 stairs to the apartment, we drug them (the girls, not their suitcases) back out onto the streets of Paris.  We were doing them a favor.  The first day on the ground you must fight the urge to sleep.  We returned to our favorite purse store.  Joan and I still carrying our purses from the visit here one and a half years ago.  Marsha, too, had her scarf from the store.  The shopkeeper, who is Asian, welcomed us warmly when she saw we were returning customers. Barb scored a cool new purse that converts to a backpack.  Very necessary.  By now the rain had stopped but the grey skies that match the grey roofs that dull the grey buildings still loomed.

We tried to take the bus a couple of times today.  Once the wait was too long, the other time we couldn’t find an actually bus stop though we saw our desired bus drive by again and again.  So we took the metro to mine and Joan’s favorite Mexican food place, near the Notre-Dame and past the oyster bar when exiting the Cluny subway station.  A couple of warm meals and a slushy drink (which may have contained Tequila) is all we needed to give Jarsha a second wind.  It didn’t hurt that the sun had begun to shine.image

We walked a short click to Shakespeare and Company.  Marsha bought a cute book about Sock Monkey for her grandkids (if you’re counting, that’s ONE bottle of “you said monkey” wine we now have to drink–it’s a Pierman game).  I asked the girl at the desk how many people were now living in the bookstore (Google it, fascinating history of having writers in residence/the homeless living here). She said there were currently only three and that she herself once lived there. I can’t get used to walking past beds in the bookstore while shopping but it certainly adds to the store’s intrigue.

A walk through the Luxembourg Gardens to let Jarsha see the flowers in bloom (it seems it won’t be long till someone tells the flowers that it is October) and then we walked home and tucked them all in bed. They made it to about 7:30pm (Joan was the first to fall).

And now it is raining again. Buckets. The windows to our apartment are open wide to let the cool Paris wind come inside. Everyone is asleep now. Except me… Because, come on! Il pleut!


  1. Al i tried to get back to the original beginning messages. I can’t remember what you said we need to bring of our own. I know earplugs, eye mask, pillow but did you mention such things as towel/washcloth? Sheets? When you get a chance let me know.


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