Cooking School in Paris

David and are less humble, having been trained to cook in Paris. You know how it is, we now think we should hang with some of the greats and ask them at which point do you  take your canard magret from the skillet?   We  take it off when it is just that certain shade of brown and crisp…well, dear reader…you wouldn’t know.  It’s something we learned when we were trained to cook in France.

All jokes aside. We had a great experience with the cooking school “Cookin n Class”. It is in the 18th arrondissement. Our class of 8 met Constance, the Chef, at a Metro station in the 18th. She then took us store to store, from butcher shop to cheese store to bread store and vegetable markets where we selected the day’s ingredients for the meal we were about to prepare. We had a great class of people from Boston, New Zealond, Austrailia and Sweden.  Naturally, the class was taught in English.

We whipped up an amazing meal of squash purée soup with mushrooms and chestnuts, squid, duck magret with fingerling potatoes  an turnips sautéed in Orange juice  for dessert we had a cookie with ganache and two kinds of figs.  So delicious and I think we could do it again though not in our French kitchen with only two pots but maybe when we get back home.

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