Don ONE at Ciel Restaurant

After cooking school on Thursday, we met up with Jarsha for a night on the town. There is no French equivalent for We Tore Up This Town which is fine, because we didn’t. .

Marsha was interested in seeing some of Hemingway’s Paris so we walked to the Saint Germain de Près area and took a table inside the enclosed but outdoor area at the Brasserie Lipp.  A little people watching from here and a glance over at the Deux Maggots and Café Flores was a sufficient “Hemingway Tour”. We had one glass each of some bad Bordeaux then went back to Schmuck for a bottle of Rosé.

At Schmuck we sat for quite a while waiting to collect our bill after we had finished our drink. At one point I even got the attention of the bar tender through the glass (we were outside) and waived at him and he gave me the tiniest little old lady waive back with big smile that said, “I don’t know you but you seem friendly”.  Not surprisingly, we still received no service.

Last stop was the Ciel Restaurant for a beautiful view of the city with the Eiffel Tower situated appropriately in center of the view.  Monsieur La Luminiére was there again and recognized David. When we were there the first time David went into his three year old speak which he does when he’s trying to talk in English with a French speaker.  It matters not if the French person speaks English…they all get the Pre-K treatment.  David: ” If ONE were to ree-tuuurn to theez place with ONE’S geerlfriennndddsss, could ONE seeeet in a boooooooth?”  French person: “Uh, dunno.  Maybe.  No guarantees.”

So, when “ONE” did return with his girlfriends, Monsieur La Luminiére was properly impressed. Oh la la! He offered with a thumbs up!  And then offered to take a photo for us.  With no flash the faces are dark but you can make out the Eiffel Tower…David is wearing it as a party hat (accidentally).

The Eiffel Tower was supposed to be pink this night based on (bad) Intel we received.  So we stayed at Ciel until after 9 to see it light up.  It was lovely as ever but not even a smidge pink.


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