5 Euro and a Dash of Crazy–Our Journey up the Eiffel Tower

I have an irrational fear of heights. The kind of fear that has kept me from enjoying moments like climbing the Duomo, looking at the view of Manhattan from the World Trade Center restaurant, walking across the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge…or climbing the Eiffel Tower…till now. Since the Eiffel Tower announced a new glass floor was installed on the first landing area, I decided I would at least try to climb to that level. For 5 Euro each, Marsha, Barb, David and I decided to climb the south pillar. Joan, who shares my fear of heights, decided to stay on the ground.

We made it easily to the second floor.  The crowds weren’t too bad and the view was wonderful. Turns out that, except for David who seemed unaffected, we all had a fear of heights!

Back on ground we decide to take a selfie with the Eiffel Tower above us. Genius except we never quite got the shot:

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