Retirementally Challenged

I am often asked what I do with my days in retirement and I never have a reasonable answer. I fumble my words, sounding very much like I’m entering a guilty plea.

My answer usually involves mentioning The Canine (followed swiftly by an eye-roll from my listener). But people don’t understand my dog is not just a dog. He must be exercised, entertained and fed constantly. He’s like having a toddler in the house. I love him but he is an asshole. 


I read a lot. A LOT. I probably read a book a week and I bookmark all the grammatical mistakes I see such as how many people use the word “literally” wrong. It literally drives me nuts. 

But the truth about my retirement is that we collect houses. Not in the, “Ooh! Let’s make this home” way but more in the, “Let’s buy and flip a house. Flip it dammit! Why do we still own this house?” way. So, yeah, I spend a good deal of time mending and cleaning houses. 

I spend some time every week going to Lowe’s (See above “We Collect Houses” comment). Each week I get a shopping cart with only three good wheels. Whether I buy one item or sixteen, my purchase totals $66 and I receive a receipt so large it can be used to line a drawer.

I golf when I haven’t sworn off golf. The swearing off of golf happens about once a week when I complain with conviction and abandon that golf is literally the dumbest game ever invented. Next day I’m at the driving range working on a new drill.  When I’m abstaining from the dumbest game ever invented, I like to repair and repurpose things, mostly furniture but it’s not above me to rip out floor tile or tear out bathroom cabinets (see “We Collect Houses” comment above).

Whether we are in Arizona, Oklahoma or New Mexico (See “Collection of Houses” comment above) we are likely to have guests. So we wash sheets and towels with frequency. The last guest we had in Arizona witnessed me bloody my nose with a shirt zipper which got stuck in my nose while I was removing it (the shirt, not the nose). img_1253This is typical of my behavior with our guests and yet they keep coming back so I put the blame on them. I’m not exactly the hostess with the mostest (unless you count mostest zippers in one’s nose then I win hands down).

Really, then. Two home sales and a doggie funeral would, quite literally, change my world.  

I’d have nothing left but golf. I’d have nothing left but golf?

Nah. I’ll keep my houses and my dog. If you need me I’ll be at Lowe’s. Literally. 

Postscript: My neighbor, Spicey, texted me before this post today. So a propos!



  1. I was going to swear off reading other bloggers’ posts, but then I figured some might eventually notice and stop reading my posts, which would be a mortal sin compared to my venial sin. So I read your post, and now I feel much better, which is funny because….your confession saved me from going to confession (that, as well as, I’m an ex-Catholic).

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    1. I had to look up venial. This would not be the first time I have been challenged by your comment. Please keep reading me and I’ll keep reading you! Always good to hear from you.

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  2. This made me laugh so much, thank you Alison. I think it is always amazing, even just when I have a day off, or just a weekend, I think it will be restful and then I write a list at the end of it and its amazing what I have done. Dog feeding, dog walking, turning, flipping, golfing, blogging, it’s already exhausting before you’ve even planned that trip again to Paris. I think you should add some stand-up to your list, you always make me chuckle. Hugs to the asshole (hound)!!

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    1. That asshole is sleeping next to me now and it 7:30am. My day starts early and goes long with this one. Thank you for the nice words of encouragement, Damien! Have a beautiful day.

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  3. Collecting houses? My idea of hell. I felt so elated when we sold ours last November! We only have our motorhome now and our home is where we park it. And yes, the dog comes with us everywhere! 👍😉❤

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  4. It is perfectly okay to let a dog run your life. It is also normal at any age to hate golf and play it anyway. And zippers? SO dangerous! They should come with warnings. Couldn’t all this be true if you weren’t retired? Now, if you admitted to banging your Lowe’s shopping cart into the ankles of the person in front of you in the checkout line – well then I could picture you as a retired person.
    So, now I am all caught up with you, Alison. And it feels great!

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    1. I am really quite giddy to have my old friend back! And I’m hoping to gain insight from you about your blogging sabbatical now that you’ve returned.


      1. For me the difference is having a chance to use my creative brain instead of my analytical brain. Oh, and going to work in my jammies!


      1. likewise. My apologies for staying away. Just spent 6 weeks in Paris, and I just can’t handle traveling and blogging at the same time. But now I have a lot of material… Hehe! be good.

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